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H?rmann is a manufacturer of doors for both home and industrial use. The German multinational group is a family owned company with an annual turnover exceeding Euro 1 Billion. The company was established in 1935 and has currently over 6000 employees in manufacturing and sales facilities around the world.
H?rmann's wholly foreign owned operation in China started in 1998 and has more than 500 employees. The manufacturing facilities in Beijing and Tianjin employ the latest production techniques and utilize state of the art technology to make products which are widely recognized for their good quality.

Join H?rmann under following positions:

Please send your resume in both English and Chinese to us via E-mail: recruit@hoermann.cn

Current vacancies: H?rmann Beijing Trading Co.,Ltd

Occupation Location
Sales Engineer Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou Wuxi Ningbo Changshu Yiwu Wenzhou Shaoxing
Installation Engineer Shanghai
Service Support Shanghai Shenzhen
Sales Project Manager Guangzhou
Dealers Project Manager Beijing
Network Engineer Beijing
Installation support Changshu Shanghai
Service Engineer Shanghai
Installation Engineer Beijing
Graphic Designer Beijing
Digital Specialist Beijing

Current vacancies: H?rmann Beijing Door Production Co.,Ltd

Occupation Location
CAD Engineer Beijing
Electric/Control Engineer Beijing
HSSE Engineer Beijing

Current vacancies: H?rmann Changshu Door Production Co.,Ltd

Occupation Location
Purchasing Engineer Changshu
Quality Engineer Changshu
Warehouse Supervisor Changshu
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