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We have good-skilled service groups at H?rmann in order to provide a wide range of service and support for our customers. With the service concept: Maintain the quality of the products, preserve the credit in the market, fulfill the demands of our customers, we ensure a service of efficiency and convenience.

Service Hotline:

400 650 7888

Searching for installation subcontractors!

H?rmann Beijing Trading Co.,Ltd is searching for installation subcontractors in China to meet the development of its business. The subcontractor will receive the installation tasks from H?rmann Beijing and is required to complete the installation work according to time schedule and installation quality standard set up by H?rmann.

The cooperation between H?rmann and the subcontractors is based on an annual installation agreement and for each project there will be an additional project subcontract agreement.

1. Working content

  • The subcontractor will be in charge of the installation for H?rmann products and the project acceptance procedure.
  • Executing and completing the installation work according to time schedule.
  • Confirming all installed doors can reach the H?rmann installation quality standard.
  • Carrying out after-service work during the warranty period which is defined in sales contract.

2. Requirement

  • A business license which is published by the Government Business Administration, if possible a professional construction license.
  • 2-3 site leaders with professional project knowledge;
  • More than 10 qualified skilled workers
  • Special working licenses (electrical license, welding license)
  • Experience in construction field;
  • Solely assigned H?rmann products in the field of door and loadings technology.
  • Close cooperation with H?rmann Installation Manager.

Please contact: 010-87223477.
Or by following e-mail address: service.center.htr@hoermann.cn

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